Wolf Lego Sets

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Here at We Love Wolves we even carry a collection of wolf-related block-building sets such as LEGO and Nenoblocks. 

Here we have a number of different block-building sets including:

The Nanoblock Gray Wolf - This is a perfect toy to keep you intrigued and entertained. The Nanoblock gray wolf set comes with a detailed step by step instruction and is suitable for children aged twelve and above.

THE LEGO CHIMA 70009 WORRIZ COMBAT LAIR-This is yet another challenging Lego product. The product comes with a wolf helicopter, wolf bike and a beautifully articulated Lego wolf with a well-detailed face, teeth, ears and also claws. The attached wolf helicopter comes with spinning rotors.

THE LEGO WOLF LEGEND BEAST-The wolf legend beast is a fully functional wolf beast with a Lego Worris mini-figure with a weapon and an accessory. The Lego wolf beast has a detailed wolf head with huge claws, paws and movable joints. In addition to all these features, the wolf mini-figure comes with a CHI powered Derimous sword and a similar translucent shield.

LEGO MINI-FIGURE WOLF GUY-The Lego mini-figure wolf guy is about four centimeters high, 2 centimetres wide and five centimeters long. The Lego series wolf guy is a trendy toy and a beautiful addition to your wolf collection. This set is a suitable toy for a childred aged eight to twelve years old. 

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